LAN Bridging

Expanding businesses can now interconnect their LAN-segments across buildings without leased lines. Polewall’s optical wireless link heads can even be placed on the inside of windows.

About LAN Bridging

Enterprises, hospitals, armed forces units, and universities all have a need to interconnect distributed units. Polewall offers a fast and inexpensive alternative to trenching and leased lines. Connect your organization across highways, railroads, or rivers using our non-intrusive optical wireless solutions.

If your organization is expanding to adjacent buildings you have to find a way to connect your different LAN sub-networks together. If your organization is already distributed across multiple buildings you may already have discovered how expensive leased lines can be.

With Polewall’s StreetHopper you can now get fiber speed without the cost. Mount our nodes on your outside wall, or even on the inside of a window, and you are ready to transmit up to 1Gbps over-the-air using our invisible, eye safe, optical link. Avoid expensive leased lines or the cost, hassle, and delay of trenching your own cable. The StreetHopper makes LAN bridging easy and hassle free.

  • Rapidly Deployable

    The StreetHopper can be installed in under 1 hour, thanks to it’s small form factor and the No-Touch alignment process using our camera alignment methods.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    The StreeHopper’s small form factor and multi-hop ability, reduces site lease cost compared to other wireless solutions that require large antennas.
    Low power consumption, no-touch commissioning, combined with auto alignment and tracking reduces maintenance costs.

  • Low Latency and Jitter

    Typical round-trip delays of less than 1 millisecond and low jitter make the StreetHopper an excellent solution to support small cell backhaul.

  • License Free

    Using Optical Wireless technology, the StreetHopper can be operated license-free world-wide. Saving time and money that would be needed to license RF products.

  • Interference Free

    The StreetHopper is not effected by RF interference, allowing multiple nodes to be installed without the worry of performance degradation.

  • SNMP Management

    The StreetHopper comes equipped with SNMP management, making it easy for network operators to manage all the StreetHopper Nodes installed on their network.

Read the reviews

  • The LawnHopper saved me from days of trenching to install fiber to the house I rent. With the LawnHopper and the BeamBoss App I was able to get connected to high speed internet in less then an hour.

    Kristine, Residential Customer
  • I would say that units performed as advertised and I like the roadmap for next gen Polewall products.

    Chief Scientist, U.S Tier 1 Operator

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